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A slow descent from unique to routine. [entries|friends|calendar]

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meep [10 Aug 2013|12:59am]
I forgot about you again journal.
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Blarg [05 Jun 2013|06:13am]
You offer someone the world, and they don't care. The problem is I am starting to not care either.
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La la la [21 May 2013|08:44am]
I keep telling myself to be the best person I can be for me, but when I go to bed alone it all doesn't matter. I hate that feeling when you are still so attached to your last relationship even though it has pasted. I really tried my best, and I still got treated like crap. I need to stop dating women who are more attractive than me. Damn soulless Asians.
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[30 Apr 2013|10:01pm]
I think I was born to be alone.
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Ahhhh [25 Apr 2013|05:44am]
Finals are killing me!
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